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The Rotary District 7815 Annual General Meeting will be held by Zoom on Tuesday, October 17th, at 6:30pm Atlantic Time. Everyone is welcome to attend but only Club electors can vote.
 Zoom Link for registration:
All the reports for this meeting are available on the District Website under Member Resources, District Documents.
Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, District Executives and Past District Governors please check your email for the following:
  1. The updated Agenda for the Annual General Meeting
  2. The updated 2023/24 Budget for D7815, with budget and actual figures for 2023/23. This replaces the version sent previously.
  3. Revised Policies for the District 7815 Nominating Committee Process, recommended to the AGM by the Leadership Team at their September 5th meeting. This has to do with how the District Governor Nominee is selected each year, and the revision reflects the current practice for our merged District. See Item 17 on the Agenda.
If your Club can name an elector or electors and email Brian Smith at smithrsx@gmail.com the name(s), to echo the Zoom Registration information.
Any questions, you may contact smithrsx@gmail.com
RLI is a great opportunity to learn new skills and meet new Rotary colleagues - help us all build a stronger Rotary team across the District. Please share this information with all your members.
For all Rotarians in Newfoundland and Labrador and Saint Pierre et Miquelon,  there will be RLI Part 1 and Part 2 in St John's Oct 28 2023.
All details and materials available through the link below.
One way to find the link is through the District website under the logo for Rotary Leadership Institute, the other way is to click on the independent link below.
https://ridist7815.org/ click on link under Rotary Leadership Institute Logo
 ATTN: The Annual General Meeting for District 7815 scheduled for Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 at 6:30pm ADT on Zoom has been postponed.
Why postpone this important update?  The financial reports for last year and the budget for this year are undergoing further review by the District Leadership Team and Finance Committee. It is important to provide our Clubs with the best available information at the AGM, and this could not be done in time to share this information in advance of September 19th. 
On behalf of the D7815 Leadership Team, we apologize to Club representatives and others who have responded directly or registered through Zoom, and Zoom will send you a meeting cancellation and calendar update shortly.
Please watch for a new AGM Meeting Date and Time. We will have to ask you to register again through Zoom in advance, as the Zoom system can't save your registration for September 19th. In the meantime, remember Committee reports are on ClubRunner under District Documents and Committee Chairs are available for email questions any time.
We will be sending your Club and others reminders about this important AGM meeting all over again! We want your Club to be represented.
Any questions can be forwarded to Brian Smith, Executive Secretary District 7815 at smithrsx@gmail.com
The new Rotary District 7815 is holding its first Annual General Meeting, to formally conclude its first year of operation after combining Districts 7820 and 7810 on June 30, 2023.
The Rotary District 7815 Annual General Meeting will be held by Zoom on Tuesday, September 19th, tentatively at 7:30pm Atlantic Time. Everyone is welcome to attend but only Club electors vote.
More information about how to register for this meeting will follow, as will documents to support the meeting content.
Presidents & Secretaries, please check your email for the following:
  1. The Proposed Agenda for the Meeting.
  2. Information about the Number of Electors for each Club. Most Clubs have one elector, larger clubs have several, and the Zoom Registration will ask you to confirm whether you are an Elector for your Club. Please try to have someone represent your Club as an Elector and attend the AGM. Everyone is welcome to attend but only Club electors vote.
  3. The current DRAFT 2023-24 Budget for our District, showing a year-to-year comparison and changes.
This will be our first D7815 AGM, and we are all learning as we go. Two things would help us greatly as volunteers organizing this event:
  1. If Club Presidents or Secretaries can send an email to District 7815 Executive Secretary Brian Smith at smithrsx@gmail.com to confirm you have received this notice on behalf of your Club, and
  2. If your Club can name an elector or electors soon and email Brian the name(s), to echo the Zoom Registration information.
Any questions, you may contact smithrsx@gmail.com
There are lots of things going on with District 7815 this month, as we all enjoy summer, deal with the challenging weather and prepare for a busy Fall and Winter with Rotary.
  • August is Membership and New Club Development month in Rotary International. Have you considered how you could expand Rotary in your club and in your district? Why not start a committee to do so?
  • The District 7815 Leadership Team is meeting monthly on the first Tuesday of each month, and a number of our committees are already organizing activities to improve your Rotary experience, learning and service capacity. We meet next on August 8th
  • We will have several of our Leadership Team members training with Rotarians from across North America at the Zones 28 & 32 Learning to Lead Conference in Toronto from September 27 to October 1, with specialized sessions for Rotary Foundation, Membership, Public Image and Training as well as leadership in general.
  • Watch for an update soon on our 2023-24 District Budget and Annual General Meeting which will be held by Zoom in September if at all possible.
  • Please check out, Like and Follow our new District 7815 Facebook page, where we hope to publish your stories and share your successes. Please send Club updates to Kelly Hunt our District 7815 Public Image Chair. We are also making improvements to our D7815 Home Page on Club Runner, including better DEIA resources. The Home Page has access to all Clubs in District 7815 and to our Leadership Team.
  • While we are talking about social media, we should remind you to take advantage of your Rotary membership to enjoy MyRotary.org, the single window into a world of news, background information and learning centre. Learn more about how to make a difference, how to work together with other Clubs across the world or to have more impact in your own Club. If you have any trouble logging in, please reach out to District Secretary Brian Smith.
  • There are still 19 clubs in our District that have not entered their information into Club Runner about their new Board members. Could you please do so as soon as possible.
  • As District Governor, I hope to get to as many Clubs as possible over the coming months. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Clubs in Yarmouth, Halifax, Sydney and other parts of Nova Scotia in recent weeks, and Suzanne and I are hoping to meet many of you in Newfoundland, from August 8th through to August 24th.
  • Our Rotary Youth Exchange program has completed the required certification process with Rotary International and Clubs involved with RYE are encouraged to update their Youth Protection capacity to support our exchangers fully. Contact D7815 Youth Chair Jane Simmons for information about Youth Protection please.
  • We will be having a visit from our former Rotary Youth Exchange student from Belgium during the last week of August. It will be a pleasure to welcome back Constance, our "Daughter from Belgium"! Have you considered becoming a Rotary Youth Exchange parent? There are no words that I can say to tell you how much of a pleasure it is to host a student from another country. Try it, you may like it!
  • Family is very important for Suzanne & I so we want to share that we were delighted to welcome our newest granddaughter, Mila, to our family. She is the #13 Grandchild for us! We can attest that being a parent is great, but being a grandparent is even better!
A picture of exchange student Luise F. from Swizerland, Jane Simmons, her three sets of host parents, along with many host siblings and a couple of her Newfoundland friends, at a going away party held for Luise at Jane's cabin on July 2,2023.  A picture of the wonderful connections we are making with Youth Exchange!!
Il y a beaucoup de choses qui se passent avec le District 7815 ce mois-ci, comme nous profitons tous de l’été, faire face à la météo difficile et préparer pour un automne et un hiver bien occupé avec Rotary.
  • Août est le mois d’adhésion et du développement des nouveaux clubs dans Rotary International. Avez-vous considéré comment vous pourriez agrandir Rotary dans votre club et dans votre district ? pourquoi pas commencer un comité pour le faire ?
  • L’équipe de Leadership du District 7815 se rencontre le premier mardi de chaque mois et un bon nombre de nos comités se sont déjà organisé des activités afin d’améliorer leurs expériences Rotary, capacité d’apprentissage et de service. Nous nous rencontrons pour la prochaine fois le 8 aout.
  • Nous aurons plusieurs formations pour les membres des équipes de Leadership avec les Rotariens à travers de l’Amérique du Nord dans les Zones 28 & 32. Apprendre à diriger une Conférence à Toronto du 27 septembre au 1 octobre, avec une session spéciale pour la Fondation Rotary, Adhésion, Image Publique, Formation ainsi que le Leadership en général.
  • Porter attention à une mise à jour bientôt sur notre Budget du District 2023-24 ainsi qu’une rencontre Générale Annuelle qui se tiendra sur Zoom en septembre si c’est possible.
  • S’il vous plaît, allez voir, Aimez et Suivez notre nouvelle page Facebook du District 7815, où nous espérons publier vos histoires et partager vos succès. S’il vous plaît, envoyez les nouveautés de votre Club à Kelly Hunt, notre présidente de l’Image Publique de notre District 7815. Nous faisons aussi des améliorations à notre page d’accueil D7815 sur Club Runner, incluant des meilleures ressources pour le DEIA. La Page d’Accueil a les accès de tous les Clubs dans le District 7815 et de notre Équipe de Direction.
  • Puisque nous parlons de réseaux sociaux, nous devrions vous rappeler de profiter de votre adhésion à Rotary pour apprécier MyRotary.org, la seule fenêtre dans un monde de nouvelles, d’information en arrière-plan et un centre d’apprentissage. Apprenez-en plus à comment faire la différence, comment travailler ensemble avec d’autres Clubs à travers le monde ou pour avoir un impact dans votre propre Club. Si vous avez de la difficulté à vous connecter, s’il-vous-plait contactez le Secrétaire du District, Brian Smith.
  • Il y a encore 19 clubs dans notre District qui n’ont pas entrés l’information de leurs nouveaux membres du conseil dans Club Runner. Pouvez-vous, s’il vous plaît, le faire le plus vite possible.  
  • En tant que Gouverneur de District, j’espère me rendre dans le plus de clubs possibles dans les mois à venir. J’ai eu le plaisir de visiter les Clubs de Yarmouth, Halifax, Sydney et d’autres parts de la Nouvelle-Écosse dans les récentes semaines ainsi, Suzanne et moi-même espérons rencontrer les plus de membres possibles à Terre-Neuve du 8 aout jusqu’au 24 aout.
  • Notre programme d’échange jeunesse de Rotary a terminé le processus requis avec Rotary International. Les Clubs impliqués avec EJR sont encouragés à mettre à jour la capacité de protection de la jeunesse pour soutenir pleinement nos échangeurs. Contactez la présidente Jeunesse D7815, Jane Simmons, pour avoir plus d’information sur la Protection de la Jeunesse, s’il vous plaît.
  • Nous aurons la visite d’un de nos Échange Étudiant Jeunesse de Rotary, de Belgique pendant la dernière semaine d’aout. Ce sera un plaisir d’accueillir à nouveau Constance, notre ‘Fille de Belgique’ ! Avez-vous déjà considéré à devenir parent d’Échange Jeunesse de Rotary ? Il n’y a pas de mot pour décrire comment amusant c’est d’accueillir des étudiants d’autres pays. Essayé-le, vous aimeriez peut-être cela !
  • La famille est très importante pour Suzanne et moi, alors, nous voulons vous partager que nous sommes heureux d’accueillir notre nouvelle petite-fille, Mila, dans notre famille. Elle est le petit-enfant #13 pour nous ! Nous pouvons attester qu’être parent est génial, mais être grand-parent s’est encore mieux !
Une photo de l'étudiante en échange Luise F. de Suisse, Jane Simmons, ses trois groupes de parents d'accueil, ainsi que de nombreux frères et sœurs d'accueil et quelques amis terre-neuviens, lors d'une fête d'adieu organisée pour Luise dans la cabine de Jane le 2 juillet 2023.  Une image des liens merveilleux que nous établissons avec l'echange de jeunes!


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