District Communication Policy (Full)

District 7815 Communications Policy


With the number of channels now open for Rotarians to use to communicate with each other, it is time that some guidelines by created to communicate clearly and efficiently, make the most efficient use of people’s time and energy and to avoid conflict and misunderstanding.
While there is nothing currently written down for a communications policy for District 7815, we tend to operate on the following basis:
  • All bulk emails circulating information, requesting action, etc. from District Office (Admin), District Team goes from the office to the Presidents and Secretaries - is bcced where necessary but always to the AG's
  • Any email which has to reach all Rotarians in the district with information goes through Clubrunner
  • Items which are news only (i.e. a club's anniversary, challenge to other clubs, etc.) get posted as a news item on the Clubrunner page by the District webmaster  (or designated content managers) when provided by the individual clubs or members.
  • Posting/sharing to the social media sites are made by a small group of volunteers who either create original material about district activity or select and share from material of district wide interest that has been posted to Club Facebook sites.

Communications principals

The following are the general principals by which the communications policy will be created and operate:
  1. Policy should be brief and easy to understand.
  2. The use of all the various media for communication should be encouraged.
  3. The policy should allow for distributed generation and dissemination of messages.
  4. Wherever possible, communications that are created will be propagated in the most efficient manner possible to as many channels as deemed necessary without undue extra effort.
  5. Efforts will be made to limit the numbers of bulk e-mails to avoid message fatigue.
  6. Important communications and documentation should be archived in an easily searchable place and while respecting individual privacy, should be generally publically available.


The following audiences will be considered for the creation and operation of the policy.  While there may be overlap between audiences, each will have its own set of guidelines.
  1. District Leadership Team
  2. Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers of Clubs of District 7815
  3. District Committees
  4. Rotarians of District 7815
  5. General public and potential Rotarians

Primary Communication Channels & Purpose

The following are the main communications channels considered for the policy.
  1. E-mail, District Gmail and ClubRunner Email Accounts
    1. To communicate with individual members on specific topics
  2. District ClubRunner Website and Information Management System
    1. To provide a source of District & Club information and archive of documents specific to D7815 Rotarians
    2. To maintain and monitor the District & Club database of members.
  3. District Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
    1. To provide general Rotary information available to all Rotarians and public and to promote Rotary D7815 to the world.


  1. Communications to District leadership team and/or District Committees
    1. E-mail to the District leadership team will originate from the District Governor or the District Secretary and Trainer who will maintain the list of membership and addresses.  
    2. Copies of documents and messages will be maintained by the District Secretary.
  1. Communications to Club Executives
    1. E-mails from District leadership to the executives of the clubs in District 7815 will be routed through the ClubRunner system
    2. Efforts will be made to limit the number of direct e-mails containing routine messages to Clubs unless they are urgent or if time sensitive information necessitates additional messages.  Items may be combined into a multi topic, digested messages where practical.
    3. Routine messages will include but are not limited to:
      1. Notices of District or RI business (eg dues, meetings, event registration)
      2. Requests for information on club activates
      3. Request for actions on the part of the club
      4. Surveys
    4. The DG (or their designate) may authorize additional single purpose e-mails to this group if he/she deems necessary.
    5. All communications should be kept short and to the topic and may be edited before posting or being sent out.
  1. Communications to general membership
    1. District newsletter/bulletin
      1. The DG or designate may author a newsletter that may be sent to all Rotarians through the ClubRunner Bulletin system. 
      2. Stories submitted by clubs may be included as part to the regular newsletter/bulletin if they are deemed by the editor of the bulletin to have sufficient interest to a broad segment of the membership. Stories must be short with a maximum of 2 photos
      3. The stories and bulletin will be displayed on the district website until they are replaced by new material or become outdated.
    2. E-mail notices
      1. Bulk direct e-mails (other than newsletters/bulletins) to all Rotarians will be kept to a minimum and will only include:
        1. Emergency  or Time sensitive notices
        2. Invitations to District wide events
        3. Surveys on approved topics approved by District Leadership
      2. Emails will use the ClubRunner e-mail system as a distribution means.
      3. In the event that there is question on the need for a particular single issue email for mass distribution, the DG (or their designate) will have the final decision.
    3. Social Media
      1.  Rotarians are encouraged to post club or members activities using their personal or club accounts to their own Club’s Facebook and/or Twitter sites.
      2. Items that may be of broader interest to Rotarians around the district may be shared with the District Facebook and Twitter site.
      3. A group of Rotarians that will make up the Social Media committee and will be designated to have “content creator” access to the District Facebook site. This will allow for promoting and sharing posts from clubs in the district or Rotary International on the Official District Facebook page. This allows for automatic cross-posting to the District Twitter site and front page of the District website.
      4. Video files concerning club or District activities may be posted to the District YouTube site by the designated site manager(s).
      5. Other social media channels may be developed and used given enough Rotarian interest to support and manage activity on those particular sites. All sites portrayed as being an official District channel will be first approved by the District Social Media chair.
  1. District Communications to the General public and Potential Rotarians
    1. The District will aid Clubs in communicating to the general public and potential Rotarians.  This may be done by:
      1. Sharing club stories more widely by posting on District social media sites.
      2. Sharing Rotary International materials of interest on the District Social media sites and through newsletters/bulletins.
  1. District ClubRunner Website and Management Information System
    1. The District webmaster will be responsible for the overall operation of the District ClubRunner website.  They may be assisted by a number of committee members.
    2. Stories posted on the front page of the District website will be:
      1. primarily about District 7815 Rotarians, activities, business
      2. of interest to a broad section of Rotarians in the District (as deemed by the poster)
      3. helpful in promoting a positive image of Rotary in the District
    3. Stories may be posted by the District Secretary, a designated Communications Chair or committee member, or the Webmaster and committee.
    4. Stories will be removed from the front page after approximately 30 days or prior to the publishing of the next monthly e-bulletin.  They will remain on the stories page of the website which is reachable from the top menu.
    5. Stories will be attached and included with the DG’s regular newsletter for distribution to all Rotarians listed in the database.
    6. The Webmaster will post all important District Documents to the appropriate section of the website when they are submitted by a member of the District Team or Admin Office.

Media pathways and responsibilities

The following table outlines example communications, possible media choices and the people responsible for sending the communications.
Possible Media
Notice and invitations to club events and fundraisers
  1. Post to club website using Events Calendar and share with District website to appear in District Calendar
  2. Post to club Facebook / Twitter site and share with District Facebook and Twitter
  1. Club Communications person.
  2. Club Social Media person
Notice of club projects, member honors and awards, community project success.
  1. Post on Club Website and/or Facebook and Twitter site.
  2. Share with District Facebook/Twitter if of broad appeal to membership of District
  1. Club Communications person.
  2. Club Social Media person/District Social media person
District news and events
  1. Post to District Website as story
  2. Include as attachment to regular District Newsletter
  3. Post on District Facebook/Twitter sites to increase audience
  1. District webmaster or designate
  2. District webmaster or designate
  3. District Social media committee
Notice of District training programs
  • PETs & SETs
  1. Direct E-mail notice to all PEs & SEs
  2. Post notice to District Calendar
  3. Invitation and story created for District Website
  1. District Sec or Trainer
  2. District Sec or Trainer
  3. District Trainer
District training programs
  • Mini Conferences
  • RLI
  1. E-mail notice to all members
  2. Posted to District Events Calendar
  3. Included as part of District Newsletter.
  1. District Trainer
  2. District Trainer
  3. District Trainer/Communication Officer
District conference notices and registration
  1. E-mail notices to all members
  2. Posted to District Events Calendar
  3. Stories included as part of District Newsletter.
  1. District Sec or Webmaster
  2. District Webmaster
  3.  District Webmaster/
Communication Officer
Rotary International news, projects and initiatives
  1. Available on Rotary showcase.
  2. Shared on District website through RI RSS feed.
  3. Shared on District Facebook and Twitter site from RI site as appropriate.
  1. Automatic
  2. Automatic with Website
  3. Social Media committee