2017-2018 RFE – Updated March 1, 2019
Area / Country
Date incoming
Area Visiting
Date Outbound
Oregon, USA
August 8-24, 2019
Sept 10-26 , 2019
Melbourne, NSW, Australia
Sept 10-26, 2019
Feb / March 2020
Russia (3 choices we to determine which to accept ) )
2020 TBD
2020 TBD
Sask, Man, NW Ont; Canada
Our district has received two invitations for Friendship Exchanges for 2019 that we have accepted. As you may know, Friendship Exchange is an international exchange program for Rotary members and friends that allows participants to take turns hosting one another in their homes and clubs. https://www.rotary.org/en/our-programs/friendship-exchange. Our district has exchanged with many areas in the past including New Zealand, Brazil, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Australia, Vancouver Island and several areas in the USA. Lasting friendships and international understanding are only some of the benefits of an exchange.
The first exchange is with District 5110 (Oregon & Northern California) https://www.district5110.org/ or https://www.facebook.com/RotaryD5110/ who wish to visit us in August 2019 (8th to 24th tentative) and request that we return to visit them in September 2019 (10th to 26th tentative).
The second exchange is with District 9790 (Melbourne area in Australia). https://rotary9790.org.au  or https://www.facebook.com/rotary9790 . They would like to visit us late September 10 to 26, 2019 with our return visit late February or March 2020 (That’s their Autumn J. How’s this winter gone so far for you? How will next winter play out?).
District 5110 has indicated that they would like to visit Newfoundland and St Pierre. We will be contacting these clubs to determine the level of participation desired.
District 9790 will be visiting Nova Scotia and PEI in areas where the clubs would like to participate. We would like to hear from members and clubs to determine which ones would like to be the primary hosts for our visitors.
Applications to participate in either of these outbound exchanges can be found on the link on this page and will be accepted until May 20th.
For more information or to express interest in either exchange, please contact PDG Tom McCaughey at dgtom7820@gmail.com or (709) 682-7259.