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February Trivia

Can you believe this is the 8th month of trivia? If you haven’t entered yet, here is your chance!

Send your answers to by February 17th when a draw of correct submissions will take place for another awesome prize!

Board Meeting in February – Do you have agenda items?

Your Leadership Team meets regularly including two face-to-face meetings in the spring and fall at an airport hotel in Halifax.  We receive special funding from RI to support these important events at which we offer training for AGs and other leaders, discuss and update our strategic plan, finalize professional development events (specifically TLCs), review foundation activities, discuss youth activities, and most importantly, explore how we can help clubs thrive!  In addition, we hold a board meeting at which we approve financial statements and make decisions about strategy and governance topics. 

At this meeting, we will be welcoming several new AGs who begin their roles in July, and we look forward to having DGN Roger Sevigny, join our team.

So what would you like to put on our agenda?  We welcome your input. Send your questions and comments to Louisa at

Rotary Wages Peace

February is Peace and Conflict Resolution Month – how is your club acknowledging it?

Why does Rotary have Peace and Conflict Resolution as an area of focus?  Because conflict and violence displaced more than 68 million people in the past year, and half of those are children. As stated on the RI website, Rotarians refuse to accept conflict as a way of life. Rotary projects provide training that fosters understanding and provides communities with the skills to resolve conflicts.

How Rotary Makes Help Happen

Through our service projects, peace fellowships, and scholarships, Rotarians take action to address the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, inequality, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, and unequal distribution of resources.  Clubs in this district have taken action by sponsoring refugees to start new lives in Canada – and we have a history of supporting scholarships for students to learn about conflict resolution. We also have a long history of bridging cultures through participation in Youth Exchange programs – students learn understanding and appreciation of another culture and in doing so, they embrace the key to global citizenship, progress, and peace.

Rotary makes amazing things happen, like:

  • Improving quality of life. Rotary members help families afford food, clothing, rent, utilities, medications, and other necessities.
  • Raising awareness of bullying. Rotaract clubs in some countries conduct anti-bullying campaigns in schools to teach children how to handle conflict peacefully from an early age.
  • Protecting domestic violence survivors and their families. Rotary members in some countries have helped shelters provide food, clothing, legal advocacy, and counseling to hundreds of women.
  • Promoting positive peace. Rotary partners with leaders in the study of peace and conflict, to help address the root causes of conflict and create conditions that foster peace.

Some numbers:

  • 100 peace fellowships are offered each year at Rotary Peace Centers around the world
  • 65 million people are currently displaced by armed conflict or persecution
  • $142 million has been raised by Rotary to support peace
  • 1000+ students have graduated from Rotary’s Peace Centers program

Rotary Peace Centres

Through academic training, practice, and global networking opportunities, Rotary Peace Centers develop the capacity of peace and development professionals to become experienced and effective catalysts for peace. The fellowships cover tuition and fees, room and board, round-trip transportation, and all internship and field-study expenses.  Where are they?

  • Duke University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
  • International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan
  • University of Bradford, Bradford, England
  • University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
  • Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

The last university on that list is a brand new member of the Rotary Peace centre team – and the first in Africa.  Rotary Peace Centers Committee Chair Bryn Styles, from Barrie Ontario, was there to launch the new centre last month.  Check out the February Rotarian magazine for an article about it.

So what can your club do this month?

  • Have a program that aligns with this theme – there are so many possible topics – from the activities of local shelters to academics working internationally – to TED talks that can prompt discussion
  • Promote peace scholarships to potential local candidates
  • Explore opportunities to be involved in bullying prevention programs
  • Connect with local organizations supporting refugees and see how you can partner with them
  • Invite local poverty reduction groups to participate in a panel discussion with your club to learn more about local needs – and how you can become involved
  • Host a speaking contest or art exhibit for high school students around the theme
  • What else?  Share your ideas!

Trivia question – what is the newest addition to the Peace Centre list?

Bill Gates Announces Continued Fundraising Partnership with Rotary

We as Rotarians know that we are “This Close” to ending Polio, and thanks to a recent update from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we are getting even closer. 

The foundation has announced the extension of our fundraising partnership - The Gates Foundation will continue matching donations to Rotary’s PolioPlus program 2-1, up to $50 million every year! 

Share your commitment by showing the linked video at your next club meeting or event and help Rotary and the Gates Foundation spread the word about our extended fundraising partnership!

Trivia question - What other celebrity has appeared in a “This Close” poster (name one)?
New Partnership to Support
The Rotary Club of Lunenburg has partnered with ProKids in the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg to help ensure that no one gets “left on the sidelines”. Recently, Rotarians Donald Gray, Kevin and Rebecca Crouse presented a cheque for $5000 to the ProKids initiative at a MODL Council Meeting. The cheque was accepted by Her Honour Mayor Carolyn Bolivar-Getson and Tissy Bolivar, Program Co-ordinator. ProKids mission is “To help children and youth who are unable to participate in sport, recreation or cultural activities due to financial limitations.'' The Club is pleased to be part of this initiative as it fits well with our goal to foster a strong foundation for the youth in our communities.
50th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Exploits
February 13th is the kick off to the Rotary Club of Exploits 50th Anniversary year! River the Ro-terrier and all the human members of the club were so excited about our 50th Anniversary that we are starting the celebrations early. Our first Anniversary Present is Literacy. A gift that will continue to others!
River and all the human members of our club will be visiting two primary schools in our area. Forest Park Primary, Grades K-3 and Woodland Primary, Grades K-3. Members of our Rotary Club will be joined by some other community minded volunteers, and of course me PI Puppy River (I just have to really behave in school and no barking...I think I can do it!). Together, we will visit both schools on Family Literacy Day, Jan 27th, 2020.  We will read a selection of books to each class throughout the day, and leave a present, all the new books as a donation to the schools library.
Family Literacy Day® is a national awareness initiative created by ABC Life Literacy Canada in 1999 to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family.
This year's book list will be all about diversity and inclusion. Please see the list of books, their authors and illustrators below.
We were proud to partner with PFlag GFW to collectively select a great list of reading material appropriate for the K-3 age group.
  • Ester the Wonder Pig - Steve Jenkins & Derel Walter
  • Heather Has Two Mommies - Leslea Newman & Laura Cornell
  • A Family Is a Family Is a Family - Sara O'Leary & Qin Leng
  • A Tale of two Mommies - Vanita Oelschlager & Mike Blanc
  • Angus All Aglow - Heather Smith & Alice Carter
  • Love Makes a Family - Sophie Beer
  • I Am Jazz - Jessica Herthel & Jazz Jennings
  • All Are Welcome - Alexandra Penfold & Suzanne Kaufman
  • I Am Human: A Book of Empathy - Susan Verde & Peter H. Reynolds
  • The Name Jar - Yangsook Choi
  • Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match - Monica Brown & Sara Palacious
  • Red: A Crayon's Story - Michael Hall
  • Meet ClaraBelle Blue - Adiba U Nelson & Llene Serna (Series)
  • El Deafo - Cece Bell
  • We'll Paint the Octopus Red - Stephanie Stuve-Bodden & Pam DeVito
  • We're Amazing 1,2,3! - Leslie Kimmelman & Mary Beth Nelson
  • Out of My Mind - Sharon M. Draper
Happy 50th Anniversary to us! We can't wait to spend all year celebrating and giving back to our local and global community.
Sponsor a Child for Camp Treasure Chest

The Rotary Club of Halifax North West is once again challenging clubs throughout the district to sponsor a child to attend Camp Treasure Chest in summer of 2020.  The Lung Association of Nova Scotia hosts the only camp in Canada that supports children with lung health issues. In Nova Scotia, 10% of children have moderate to severe asthma, one of the most common childhood chronic afflictions.  Camp Treasure Chest gives them the opportunity to challenge themselves to learn new skills in a safe environment while learning the importance of self-care to manage their disease.

Our goal is to sponsor a minimum of 25 children which will make us a co-branding sponsor that will help to connect Rotary Clubs with a younger audience in the parents as well as students.

Maria Caines will be sending an email to each club contact that will include more details, a case for support and a sponsorship form. Be sure to check your inboxes and junk folders (attachments sometimes land there) as club members will be following up with a call as well. This is an opportunity to raise awareness of the camp in your area and, of course, the good work of the Rotarians

Loaves and Fishes in Sydney

The Sydney-Sunrise Rotary Club was busy helping out Loaves and Fishes on Saturday, January 25th.  The Club pays for several meals each year and helps to serve the meals as well. It’s just one of the ways the Rotary Club gives back to the community. Why not join us? We meet at 7:30 a.m. every Thursday at Boston Pizza.   

The servers shown here are Everett Reid, Michele McKinnon and Ray MacNeil.

The Rotarian Magazine - Halifax Harbourside Feature

You may remember the Chair of our very own District Leadership Team, Louisa Horne, had a feature in the November issue of The Rotarian talking about how to make your club irresistible. This month, you can find a follow up feature on page 7 where Rotarians answered poll questions about making their own clubs irresistible!


Trivia question - What % of respondents in the follow up article said they were looking to grow their club? Let us know if your club is actively trying to grow and what you’re doing to make your club irresistible!

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