Posted by Stella Roy on Feb 24, 2018
The Halifax Harbourside Rotary Club is looking for partners and support to undertake a mechanized borehole water project in Bawiu, a small village near Navrongo, in the Northern-most part of Ghana. This is the driest part of the country. The community is among the poorest in the region and lacks the necessary infrastructure to take water from rivers and aquifers.

The population of the community is estimated to be 1,012, a majority of which are youth. Improved maternal health education and programs, reducing infant mortality, have led to higher birth rates and population growth over the past 10 years.
About 70% of the economy in the Bawiu community depends on agriculture. The farmers rely on rainfall to water their crops and animals. The average rainfall for the community is 940mm per annum with most rain falling between June to September.  The dry season is from November to March and in January, the driest month, there is only 1mm of rainfall. The mechanized borehole project will provide an opportunity for farmers to farm all year round, bringing an immense economic benefit to the community.
The proponent of this project is from this community and current member of Halifax Harbourside Rotary. The project has the support of the Navrongo Municipal Assembly and the entire community. The project proponent has put a team together that is on the ground and ready to go. The project has been designed and costed by the Municipal Assembly Engineer. The cost of developing the project from beginning to finish is about $50,000.00 USD.
Several Clubs in the District are already supporting the project financially - Kentville, Halifax, Westville and Halifax Northwest. It is our hope that together we will help improve the economic wellbeing of this community. Please contact us to learn more or if your club wishes to help.
Stella Roy
Godfred Chongatera