Ells Takes District Role
April 5, 1948:

News release; "Laurie Ells, Kentville Rotarian has been announced as the new District Governor for Rotary District 782 for the year 1948 / 49."

Laurie joined Rotary in June, 1925, and served as President in 1929/30. At the time of his appointment to District Governor, Laurie was manager, Kentville branch, Nova Scotia Trust Co. For many years he was with the DAR and later, a superintendent.

Laurie was a very intense person. We are reminded of a story told by his wife Charlotte. They had just concluded a Governors' meeting with the Amherst club. It was late at night but Laurie decided he must drive back, much against Charlotte's better judgement. An hour or so on the road and Laurie, probably miles away in thought, was driving much too fast. Charlotte said, "Laurie I think I hear someone singing, do you?" "No," said Laurie, "I don't, what are they singing?"

Well," says Charlotte, it sounds like nearer my God to Thee!"
A short quote from one of Laurie's talks to Rotarians:  "If we are seeing to it that as new members come into the organization they catch the vision of Rotary, as we know it, then all will be well and good. but, if not, we and our successors in office, may wake up to a realization that the entire concept of Rotary has been changed. The strength of Rotary comes not so much from its numerical. strength, but from its sincerity of purpose."