George E Graham
Rotary Club of Kentville History, p.7
Of the Charter members, seven became Past Presidents and one, George E. Graham, went on to be a Past District Governor.
George E. was GM of the DAR and one of the most influential men in town. At that time, DAR had more employees than any other business in town and probably contributed more to the local economy than any other business.
George E. was a stickler on procedure. As a visitor to the club, we recall hearing him censure the Sgt.-at-Arms for failing to have the charter displayed.
Although not a native Nova Scotian, he was a great promoter of the province and in particular the Annapolis Valley. He was somewhat of an environmentalist with an emphasis on reforestation, and it was probably on his motion that the Club purchased 60 trees to be planted on KCA school grounds in 1925.
1951-52 April 28 - President Don spoke of the loss to the Club and Community in the death of George E. Graham, an active member. A tribute to his vigorous career, in which there was no compromise with perfection. He was the last Charter Member of the Club, a Past President and also a Past District Governor.