The new Rotary District 7815 is holding its first Annual General Meeting, to formally conclude its first year of operation after combining Districts 7820 and 7810 on June 30, 2023.
The Rotary District 7815 Annual General Meeting will be held by Zoom on Tuesday, September 19th, tentatively at 7:30pm Atlantic Time. Everyone is welcome to attend but only Club electors vote.
More information about how to register for this meeting will follow, as will documents to support the meeting content.
Presidents & Secretaries, please check your email for the following:
  1. The Proposed Agenda for the Meeting.
  2. Information about the Number of Electors for each Club. Most Clubs have one elector, larger clubs have several, and the Zoom Registration will ask you to confirm whether you are an Elector for your Club. Please try to have someone represent your Club as an Elector and attend the AGM. Everyone is welcome to attend but only Club electors vote.
  3. The current DRAFT 2023-24 Budget for our District, showing a year-to-year comparison and changes.
This will be our first D7815 AGM, and we are all learning as we go. Two things would help us greatly as volunteers organizing this event:
  1. If Club Presidents or Secretaries can send an email to District 7815 Executive Secretary Brian Smith at to confirm you have received this notice on behalf of your Club, and
  2. If your Club can name an elector or electors soon and email Brian the name(s), to echo the Zoom Registration information.
Any questions, you may contact