District Leadership Team Roles & Responsibilities

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District Leadership Team Roles and Responsibilities
The following briefly outlines priorities for the District and each position on the District Leadership Team. A priority for all members of the team is to support the District Governor in moving the District Strategic Plan forward in the following priority areas:
  1. Enhance membership recruitment, development and retention strategies.
  2. Enhance training for club members, club leaders and district leaders.
  3. Enhance Rotary's public image within the district.
  4. Improve communication and information sharing systems within the district. This would include between clubs, groups of clubs as well as district leadership.
  5. Simplify the District Leadership and Committee Structure.
To ensure successful progress in these, it will be important to identify specific actions that can be undertaken.
Specific Responsibilities
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is comprised of the District Governor, District Governor Elect, District Governor Nominee, Immediate Past District Governor, District Secretary, District Treasurer and Assistant Governors.
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is comprised of the District Governor, District Governor Elect, District Governor Nominee, District Secretary and District Treasurer.
District Secretary:
The District Secretary is responsible for:
  • Supporting the District governor in organizing meeting and visitation schedules;
  • Taking, preparing and distributing minutes of the District Conference and other District meetings;
  • Maintaining relevant records, documents and recording amendments to such;
  • Supporting clubs in meeting their reporting and related obligations to Rotary International; and
  • Working with the leadership team in the above areas.
District Treasurer:
Supervise the district fund. Prepares annual reports on the status of the district's finances. Works with the District Governor to:
  • Prepare a budget and maintain the District bank account;
  • Assure that proper records of income and expenditures are kept.
  • Prepare a yearly financial report, to be presented at the district assembly.
  • Treasurer and the district governor are the authorized signatures for the bank account(s) of the district fund. Both signatures will be necessary for any
  • withdrawal.
Governor Elect:
The DGE is responsible for working closely with the DG and members of the leadership team. More specifically, the DGE assumes responsibility for strategic finance and planning as defined by District by-laws and working with the following committees:
Awards and Scholarships 
Awards: Encourage clubs to qualify for the Presidential Citation and other RI and District awards. Encourage Club leaders to recognize noteworthy achievements by individual Rotarians and advise them of the deadlines for submitting nominations.
Scholarships: Advise clubs on deadlines and qualifications of potential recipients of Rotary World Peace Fellowships and the certificate program in
Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies (new in 2006). Orient recipients before departure.
Communications and Information Sharing:
The Communications and Information Sharing Committee is responsible for improving communications within the District, between the District and clubs and
between clubs.
District Trainer:
The trainer is responsible for supporting the District Governor and Governor Elect in training club and district leaders and overseeing the relevant areas of the
District Strategic plan and overall training plan for the district.
District Governor Nominee:
The District Governor Nominee is responsible for working closely with the District Governor and members of the leadership team. More specifically, the DGN assumes responsibility for the following committees:
Community Services
Assist Clubs in meeting their desire to protect the environment and improve the quality of life in their communities. Offer advice to Clubs in identifying their
community needs and starting new projects. Encourage multi-Club community service projects and the sharing of project ideas amongst clubs.
District By-Law Task Force: 
Review District by-laws and procedures for inconsistencies and over laps and bring forward recommendations for changes to the AGM.
Friendship Exchange:
Offer Rotarians and their families an opportunity to live for a period of time in homes of Rotarians and their families in other countries and so advance
international understanding, goodwill and peace. Provide Rotarians with information on the two types of RFE programs (visitor and team).
Champion literacy issues, both within the District and in its outreach to the global community. Provide clubs with advice on the fundamental importance of literacy in achieving world peace and understanding. In co-operation with the District Chair, Community Service, provide clubs with project ideas and "best practice" advice and, where appropriate, encourage joint club literacy projects.
Membership Development, Retention and Extension:
Promote increased membership in all Rotary Clubs and to encourage membership retention programs. Continue to evaluate opportunities for the
formation of new Clubs in District 7820 and to start the chartering process of these new clubs. This committee will identify, market, and implement
membership development strategies within the district that are appropriate for the district and will result in membership growth
Advise Clubs of alumni in their area with a view to providing guest speakers and a possible source of new Rotarians.
Interact, Rotaract and RYLA:
Encourage and foster awareness of Interact and Rotaract Club formation and operation in the District. Promote Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
(RYLA) in the District as another major opportunity for development of our youth.
Mental Health:
Promote education, public awareness and support for persons dealing with mental health challenges. In particular, expand awareness of schizophrenia and,
in time, extend the mandate to other mental illnesses.
Vocational Services
Encourage and support the Clubs in the District to highlight vocational service in their weekly activities through, e.g. classification talks and to emphasize the
importance of ethical practices in all Rotarians' business and professional lives. Offer ideas and advice to clubs on undertaking vocational service projects,
including with youth and community vocational service recognition.
Youth Exchange:
Advertise and encourage participation in the Youth Student Exchange (YSE) program by young persons (between the ages of 15 and 19), through a process
of written application and personal interview. Arrange for and conduct orientation of both participants and their parents. Arrange for outbound students to be
accepted by receiving Rotary Clubs. Arrange for accommodation of incoming YSE participants.
Foundation Chair:
The Foundation Chair works closely with the District Governor in educating, motivating, and inspiring Rotarians to participate in Foundation programs and fundraising activities. The committee serves as the liaison between The Rotary Foundation and club members. The Foundation Chair works with the following:
Family of Rotary:
Provide clubs with suggestions on how they can build a Family of Rotary Committee and on the types of activities which clubs can carry out to include
immediate family, friends and alumni. Develop a list of Family of Rotary ideas and activities (e.g, fellowship, service, celebration and commemoration).
Coordinate grant applications within the District. Advise and assist Rotarians and Clubs in preparing grant applications, including Matching Grants, Health, Hunger and Humanity Grants (HHH), Grants for Rotary Volunteers and New Opportunity Grants.
Group Study Exchange - Inbound:
Organize and schedule a full program of activities for incoming GSE Teams. Brief hosts in each area to ensure that team needs and special circumstances, if any, are met.
Group Study Exchange - Outbound:
Select Group Study Exchange Team to represent the District in accordance with RI rules and conditions. Brief the team on their duties and responsibilities before, during and after their tour. Communicate team details, travel needs, etc. to Rotary International. Coordinate the selection of the Team Leader.
Program Fund:
Encourage Rotarians to make regular, annual donations to The Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund. Publicize the benefits to the District of
SHARE, through which 50 percent of gifts are returned to the District directly through the District Designated Fund.
Permanent Fund:
Set District Benefactor goals. Continue good relationships with Benefactors and major donors. Cultivate and solicit planned giving contributors and potential
donors of major outright gifts in support of The Rotary Foundation's Permanent Fund. Coordinate promotional and solicitation efforts concerning outright gifts to The Permanent Fund with the Annual Giving Subcommittee Chair.
Polio Plus:
Provide clubs with encouragement and suggestions on how they can respond to funding the polio eradication program.
Rotary International Medical Equipment Supply:
Facilitate the collection and delivery of used medical equipment.
Water & Health:
Champion water, health and hunger issues, both within the District and in its outreach to the global community. Provide clubs with advice on the fundamental
importance of water, health and hunger in achieving world peace and understanding. In co-operation with the District Chair, Community Service,
provide clubs with project ideas and "best practice" advice and, where appropriate, encourage joint club water health and hunger projects.
World Community Service:
Facilitate and provide information and encouragement to clubs to help promote world peace and understanding by participating in WCS projects through
individual or joint-club initiatives or larger, District-sponsored undertakings.
District Committees
Each committee is responsible for promotion and administration of ongoing activity. Committees provide support and guidance to clubs. Committee chairs:
  • Support the DGE in implementing the District Strategic plan.
  • Promote understanding and participation through regular contact with each club, or other activity that is consistent with District priorities and the strategic plan.
  • Share examples of successful programs and circulate these examples among clubs.
  • Where possible, to visit clubs to provide information on the program to help strengthen club activities.
  • Encourage clubs to determine local needs that could benefit from the program.
  • Identify areas for cooperation between committees and local, non-Rotary service organizations by sharing information and helping clubs set goals.
  • Administer district wide efforts related to the program.
Nominating Committee:
The nominating committee is responsible for soliciting nominations and making recommendations for District Governor Nominee. The nominating committee consists of Two immediate Past District Governors, and 5 other Board members.  The Immediate Past District Governor acts as chair.
Public Relations and Fund Raising:
  • Work with clubs and district leadership team to develop a district wide fund raising program that will be of benefit to clubs and provide additional resources to the district for membership development, training and communications efforts. 
  • Assist clubs to promote Rotary to external audiences and foster understanding and appreciation of the programs of Rotary.
  • Promote awareness among Rotarians that effective external publicity, favorable public relations, and a positive image are desirable goals for Rotary.
  • Help clubs take advantage of RI public relations resources. Identify media and communications projects as opportunities to develop and enhance the public image of Rotary in the District.
  • Co-ordinate with clubs the generation of publicity for District activities; in particular, the District Governor's visits.
  • Offer support and guidance to clubs on enhancing Rotary's image at the local community level.
Plan and stage the District Conference as the premier event for all Rotarians to learn about, share and celebrate Rotary in District 7820. Organize and administer the District Assembly in accordance with District Policies and Procedures.
Assistant Governors
Assistant governors are responsible for working closely with the District Governor and District Governor Elect and providing the following support to the District and their clubs:
  • Support the DG in various ways and act as liaison between the DG and clubs.
  • Engage the clubs and other district leaders in support of strategic priorities.
  • Assist club leaders to implement and review annually the Club Leadership Plan and support the achievement of club goals.
  • Attend club assemblies, as invited, particularly the club assembly immediately following the district assembly and those associated with DG official visit.
  • Visit each club regularly. Meet/connect with the club president and other club leadership to discuss the business of the club, resources available to them, and handling club funds in a businesslike manner.
  • Assist club leaders in scheduling and planning for DG official visit.
  • Keep DG informed on progress of the clubs and suggest ways to enhance Rotary development and address problems.
  • Encourage clubs to follow through on DG requests and recommendations.
  • Monitor each club's performance with respect to service projects.
  • Identify and encourage the development of future district leaders.