DG Notes February 2021
      Greetings Rotarians. Rotary is moving forward in many positive ways and we anticipate a time in the near future when more of us will feel safer as we become protected from Covid 19.  We still have to be aware, though that there could be a few bumps in the road before we are completely safe, so during this time, please be kind and respectful to each other. From information that I have gathered throughout the District about Covid restrictions, meeting guidelines are different in every province.  At present, Newfoundland and Labrador and Saint Pierre et Miquelon are dealing with many restrictions while NS meetings are now restricted to 25 members. PEI was the only province that was slowly easing meeting guidelines, but as of today new restrictions are being introduced.   Please check with your own Provincial Public Health Authority frequently as regulations for meeting keep changing.
Our Racism Task Force under the guidance of Lori Anne Jones has successfully introduced the District’s Racism Tool Kit. Our first Expert Panel Discussion on Racism was recently presented was well received. The presentations have been recorded and they could serve as a good Club Meeting Presentation whenever a live speaker may not be available. Please contact District if you need more information.
     We are rapidly moving towards establishing collaborative committees involving both Districts 7820 and 7810. As we move towards becoming a larger and more inclusive District 7815 with New Brunswick, our Public Image Committee will need individuals with varied experience. District 7820 would also like to invite any Rotarians with interest in working on our joint Membership Committee to volunteer as we collaborate with District 7810 in mapping out the purpose and direction of the 7815 Committee.  If we have any Rotarians with background in dealing with media outlets in particular with press releases and other methods of getting our Rotary message out to the communities, we will welcome your help. Our new Environment Committee is also looking for more interested volunteers. Please contact Kevin Armstrong or me if you are interested in helping out.
     On the membership file, our Chair Kevin Connors has been busy talking about how to increase membership to Clubs, Area Governors and all those interested. Any Club that brings in a corporate member this year will receive a plaque from District for the Rotarian to place in their business to let their clients know that they are proud to be serving their community.
If each Club could bring in one or two corporate members it would help to make our District stronger and more inclusive.
     We have also extended the PI Grant for another week to allow every Club a chance to get their application in. To date we have received many good applications.
     On the training front Alana Hirtle is coordinating a training day for leaders of Clubs and any Rotarians interested in learning more about what we do as Rotarians. April 24, 2021 is the day that is set aside for this, please so mark it in your calendars. Any Rotarian in the District is also welcome to attend training sessions put on by District 7810 which will specifically deal with President and Secretary training. These half day sessions will occur the week before and after our session on April 24,2021 Anyone planning to attend any of these sessions will be better prepared be if they peruse the learning modules found in the Rotary Learning Centre before attending. Alana and her team are also considering a TLC session on member engagement during virtual meetings in the near future.
     We are waiting on direction from Rotary International on the status of Youth Exchange for next year. We have been told that decisions will be announced in March. Virtual student exchanges are now happening now in the Rotary world in preparation for future in person exchanges.   
     The Polio Society for D7820 and D7810, in memory of Pam Harrison, has now raised over 25% of its $10,000 goal. Please Consider committing $100 US per year and become a charter member of the Society. We  have less than 100 days to try to reach this goal in that in turn will help to eradicate polio.
     April 22 is Earth Day, and it might be a chance to think about a hands-on Environmental project that week or even that day.
     Thank you to those individuals who are able to get out to donate blood and for the photos that have accompanied your news. Keep on giving. I will give again in March.
Please continue to “LIVE Rotary”
Best regards,
DG Ian