Who & Where are we

At the 1915 Convention of the “International Association of Rotary Clubs”, provision was made for changing the then eight geographical divisions into nineteen numbered districts; fifteen in the United States of America, three in Canada and one in Great Britain and Ireland. The motion renamed the officers in charge from Area Vice-President to District Governor, to be nominated by the Clubs of the District and elected at the Convention.

At that time, there were ten clubs in Canada. Two of them were in the Maritimes – Halifax, Nova Scotia (1913) and Saint John, New Brunswick (1914). Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island was added in 1917. In 1922, the then British Colony of St. John’s, Newfoundland, was added making it a Canadian Club in 1949.

District boundaries and/or identifying numbers have changed eight times over the years:

District #
Changes in Boundaries
July 1, 1915
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
July 1, 1918
No change in boundaries – number change only
July 1, 1922
Added Newfoundland and Maine
July 1, 1937
No changes in boundaries – number change only
July 1, 1949
Newfoundland now a Canadian Province
July 1, 1958
Removed New Brunswick and Maine
July 1, 1989
Added Saint Pierre et Miquelon
July 1, 1991
District Number reassigned
Jan 1, 1993
Added Magdalene Islands, Québec
Thus our District 7820 is currently:
  • CANADA (Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and The Magdalene Islands)
  • FRANCE (Saint Pierre et Miquelon)